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From Ken Ruettgers,
Former Green Bay Packer

Welcome to GamesOver.org!
The first and only non-profit web site dedicated to serving and meeting the transitional needs of players when they leave the game.

If you are a former player – and we all eventually end up as former players – then this site is for you. If you are a current player and wondering what's around the next corner – then this site is for you.

If you're a wife, girlfriend, or former wife or girlfriend – this site is for you. GamesOver is here to help you as you enter a new season of life.

Perhaps you are a mother, father, sister, or brother – maybe a neighbor, friend, boss, or pastor – you could be the difference in the life of a transitioning professional athlete. There are resources here for you as well.

Truth: transition is challenging. It hurts to get kicked out of the NFL Palace and end up on the streets of the unfamiliar. Transition is also a fact of life and the sooner you realize it, the better off you'll be.

So, after the cheering stops and the game has left you behind, where can you go to find helpful resources? Where can you go that's safe? A place where the people understand and have experienced what you're going through, but aren't afraid to tell you the hard truth about life after your career? You have found it here at GamesOver.org.

At GamesOver.org you will find a great pool of resources that are available to help you conquer transition. Resources like: a quality transition curriculum (GO Game Plan) that will take you through a step-by-step process of transition; articles from former players about their own personal transition experiences; qualified college and career advisors; excellent marriage, family and transition counselors who have worked with former athletes through the challenges of transition; and a community forum where players can connect and discuss issues. We even have an online trainer and chaplain – valuable resources that were available to you when you played.

It's difficult to maintain the illusion that you have it all together after you leave the game. It can cost you time, money, your marriage, and more if you're not willing to compete in this new season of life.

Yes, transition is challenging, but you have what it takes to conquer life after the game is over. Few people have accomplished what you have. You are a world-class competitor. You know how to compete!
Here for you,

Ken Ruettgers
Executive Director,
GamesOver.org | Where a New Season Begins™
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