Letters to the Editor

"More Players Need to See This!"

Dear Editor:

I'm a former player and I stumbled onto your sight – it's awesome! It's been great for me and my girlfriend to check out the stuff you have on the web site. The "GO Game Plan" is awesome too. I didn't even think about most of that kind of stuff. How can we get the word out? More players need to see this!

Doug in Denver

Dear Doug,

I couldn't agree more! We need to get the word out. We are working with the NFL and the NFLPA via newsletters, mailings, and player development directors. Also, e-mailings from us to retired players, agents, and other industry insiders. Another great way to get the word out is player-to-player communication – check out the "Go Cards" on our web site. I'm glad you found the resources at GamesOver.org helpful during your transition. Let's get the word out so others can find help as well.

"Black & White"

Dear Editor:

It's about time someone did something like GamesOver – it's way overdue. One thing though and it's kind of a sensitive area, but very important. As I surf around your site, I don't see African American representation equal to that of the league. How come?

Melissa in L.A.

Dear Melissa,

Great observation! You're right. We are striving to increase our level of African American representation so that it equals that of the league. This is a big priority for us. However, we do have great people working with us – black and white – that are highly qualified in their area of expertise. We have regular focus groups based on culture and gender. And, we are working toward greater cultural balance. Something you may want to remember about transitional issues for both you and (I assume) your husband: they are more than "skin deep." We have a passionate desire to serve all retired players and their families and, like transitional issues, this passion is more than "skin deep."

"What's the Catch?"

Dear Editor:

Come on. How can this service be free? What's the catch? It's an incredible resource, but who or what is behind this and why?

Awaiting your honest answer,
Solomon in Cincinnati

Dear Solomon:

Believe it or not, it's true. GamesOver.org asks nothing of retired players – no money, autographs, speaking engagements, and we're not selling you anything either. Our Executive Director Ken Ruettgers is very adamant about this policy. As a former athlete, Ken grew tired of extra agendas and wanted to provide a valuable service in the area of transition to athletes cost-free. Ken has provided the seed money for GamesOver.org and believes that if he builds it, others will want to contribute: "If we create a resource that is high-quality and meets the needs of retiring players in the first five years of transition, funding will not be an issue."
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