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"No one, except another, retired player, can understand what it's like to leave the game you love."

— Reggie McKenzie, Green Bay Packers Pro Player Personnel and former Eagle player.

"The biggest challenge many of our players have is looking ahead for the rest of their lives. They have everything, in a sense. In the NFL, they've achieved their dream of playing at the highest level. They have a lot of money, but it comes to an end quicker than most of them can even imagine."

— NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue. 1997 Newsday Magazine.

"Look, it doesn't matter who you are, how much money you made, how many pro bowls you've been to—when you leave the game you're going to have to face some tough challenges. It's part of life."

— Brent Jones, Former Forty-Niner All-Pro, CBS Sports Caster, and Investment Banker.

"The reason it's tough for the players is that throughout their career, they've been a star. Everyone knows who they are. It's unfortunate that when they quit playing, no one comes up to them and says, ‘Give me your autograph.' When you go out to dinner, no one is picking up the check. It's almost like the cheering stops."

—Gene Upshaw, NFLPA Executive Director and former player. 1997 Newsday Magazine.

"Thanks to Ken at GamesOver, my husband received the support and encouragement that helped him through the struggles of transition. He mentored John and helped me understand the challenges a pro athlete faces after leaving the game."

— Melissa Michels, wife of John Michels former 1st round draft choice of the Green Bay Packers.

"Ken's commitment and passion for helping other retired players is an inspiration."

—Geoff Moorad, sports attorney.

"The GamesOver web site is a safe place with awesome resources that are available at your fingertips. It's a private community that offers solutions to the difficult challenges retired players are facing."

— Johnnie Holland, Linebackers coach for Seattle Seahawks and former Green Bay Packer player.

" is long overdue. It's what every player needs when he leaves the game!"

— Mike Bunkley, Carolina Panthers Team Chaplain

"It's a short ride from the palace of professional sports to the streets of the unfamiliar. Most players don't know how to handle it and too often many wind up in the gutter."

— Gil Byrd, Players Chapel Director and former Charger player and Packers' Players Program Director.
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