Player Testimonials: Remembering Reggie

A Interview with Reggie White

Reggie White played 15 seasons in the NFL, spending eight years with the Philadelphia Eagles and six with the Packers before a final one with the Panthers. He played in 13 Pro Bowls and set a Super Bowl-record with three sacks in the Packers' 35-21 win over the New England Patriots in January, 1997.

After so many attempts to get back in the game of football, Reggie decided to call it quits. What made him stop trying? Was it because no one wanted him or did he make the tough decision on his own? met up with Reggie to find out exactly what was going through his mind in the final years of his NFL career.

GamesOver: Reggie, can you give us an idea of the issues you faced as you began to decide to retire from the Green Bay Packers the first time?

Reggie: Sure. In 1998, after the Super Bowl, the Packers had to make hard decisions for the next season. They didn't waste any time replacing my position. At that time I decided they knew what was best for me, and I felt that at my age it would be a good time to walk away from the game.

GamesOver: Did your friends and family at the time support this decision?

Reggie: Yes. They knew what a beating I took all those years in the NFL. My mother begged me to leave several years earlier. But most of all, I felt that I may not have the strength and power I once had.

GamesOver: So, why after all of your friends and family members agreed and supported your decision to retire, did you seek to make a "come back?"

Reggie: A sense of worth. I could not just sit around. I had no real plans in my life at the time and I felt like I wasn't accomplishing anything in my life. My wife was upset that I didn't do much during the day, and when I did do things it revolved around football. Football's a hard thing to just give up.

This was a short excerpt from our interview with Reggie White back in 2001.
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